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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Michel Uyttebroek

After living with the inhabitants of a Senegalese tribal village for several months, Michel composed and recorded Resonance, a bold African tribal ceremony. Performed on digital sampler, ceremonial drums, djembe, kess kess, kenkeni, gong bells, and sewer pipe drum palm sticks, Resonance is best described as an Electro Tribal Time Warp.

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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Sativa

The creative interplay of savory piano, melodic guitar and pacific percussion, combined with distinct melody lines and very subtle flute moments underscore the dream-like paradise of Elysian Fields. An angelic chorus bids you welcome at the gate.

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  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Jacques de Koninck

Keys is filled with some of the most Majestic New Age music you'll ever hear. Sublime textures and captivating melodies will set the stage as De Koninck's richness of sound carries you away. Escape to serenity through the exquisite beauty of this divine music.


  >> CD : $13.98 USD <<
>> Tape : $8.98 USD <<

Artist: Jacques de Koninck

Have you ever wished for a CD that would open you to a continuous flow of beautiful and serene mental images? Visuael is the album you've been wishing for. Close your eyes and let the simple, yet powerful melodies coalesce with lush symphonic textures to carry you away.