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Artist : Tino Izzo
Section : Guita

"Nostalgia Trails" is, to quote my good friend, Lloyd Barde, "a veritable feast of guitar motifs." The CD, by Tino Izzo, is a unique "best of" set featuring twelve tracks from his solo albums plus three new pieces.

Most unique among the new cuts is a very original and inspired interpretation of "And I Love Her," a John Lennon/Paul McCartney classic. Tino maintains the romance of the original and adds a frenetic flamenco flair (alliteration unintentional but appropriate). The uptempo version is a monumental soundscape with a smokin' rock'n'roll guitar riff complimenting the flamenco treatment.

Indeed, Tino places rock riffs liberally among his sensitive contemporary instrumental passages. That feature grabs me! I am a huge fan of the treated guitar stylings of Jeff Pearce and Dave Tollefson. Mark Dwane's guitar synth mesmerizes me. I have NOT liked very much standard "new age" guitar music. "Nostalgia Trails" transcends the new age classification, for me. Tino's deft manipulations, soulful riffs and psychedelic echoes harken to a simpler time when the music was the message. Beyond that, the feeling and energy create the transcendence. The world beat influences create an aura of mysticism. The modern styles take the entire set to higher realms.

For guitar lovers, this CD is vital! For music lovers, it is worthy!

(Jim Brenholts)