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Artist : Will Millar
Section : Celtic

" Will Millar of the beloved Irish Rovers plays whistles and lute on this charming album. This delightful instrumental collection of Celtic Aires features jewels like 'Flower of Sweet Straban', 'Farewell To Tarwathie', 'Carickfergus', 'Sally Gardens', 'Hills Of Shiloh, and more, all played with an artful sensitivity and insight into the Celtic soul. Wonderful musicians, excellent arrangements, compelling selections. Just lovely "
( The Reed And Chanter )

LINK:" The mood in The Lark In The Clear Aire is very tranquil. When I put it on I was in a bad mood...It was playing and I was working away, and half an hour later I realized I was in a great mood..."
MILLAR: " Ya just made my day, you said it really beautiful...There was an old man who was recovering from an illness...and he phoned me up one day and said ", 'Willy this album is medicine for the soul' and I said " ya know something when I was making that album it was a year of labor of love...I really got into that music and it did that for me as well "
( The Link )