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Artist : Will Millar and Paul Horn
Section : Celtic

" This beautiful mix of celebatory and meditative pieces chronicles the story of the Irish exodus. Detailed liner notes offer rich historical context and the visual and spiritual setting for each tune. The journey is beautiful, a true testament to the best in human achievement and hope."
( All Music Guide / )

" A superb recording of ethnic music that portrays the dramatic story of the Irish exodus to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand."
( CD music Shelf column, Midwest Book Review )

" The renowned Irish musician / composer Will Millar (of The Irish Rovers fame) and Grammy Award-winning flutist Paul Horn have joined forces to present a deeply moving, instrumental tribute to the almost 2 million Irish emigrants who left their homeland during the Great Hunger (potato famine) of the mid-1800’s to find a new life in North America, Australia and New Zealand. The songs on Journey of the Celts recount the hardships, despair, and disease that filled the lives of the emigrants on one hand, but it also expresses the courage, determination, and triumph of the indomitable Irish spirit that survived this terrible disaster and so greatly influenced the cultures that came to be called home. Included is an informative booklet that tells the history that has been collected from various sources and is loaded with illustrations and photos from the period, making Journey of the Celts not only a Celtic music gem but a historical treasure as well. Very highly recommended to all lovers of traditional and contemporary Celtic music and history. "
( Rev. Robert Walmsley / Musical Soundscapes)