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Group : Echoes of Inca
Section : World

" Cordilleras blends the ancient musical timbre of Andean / South American culture with modern guitars and keyboards. From traditional rhythms and melodies to the more modern, sometimes jazzy arrangements, the earthy textures of Andean culture meld with world music in an evocative, authentic sound. The musicians gathered from Peru, Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico play the zampona, panpipes, quena flute, congas, shakers, rattles, whistles, and charango, a small 10 stringed guitar fashioned out of an armadillo shell "
( Napra ReView )

" The aptly named Echoes Of Incas don't replicate traditional Andean music so much as apply its tones and textures to original, contemporary material. They bring in rhythms reminiscent of son and even bossa nova. Throughout, guitars recall more traditional Latin moods, with classically inflected solos. The result is beautifully recorded and paced "
( RhythmMusic )